<p><b>This in-depth biography details Harry's life so far. From his childhood and his journey to fame on the <i>X-Factor </i>to releasing solo music and becoming fashion royalty, this book gets you closer to Harry than ever before. </b><br><br>From the start of his career we follow the <b>roller coaster of emotions</b> as One Direction broke up, and we learn how Harry reinvented himself. Free from the shackles of being in a boyband he was able to be the <b>rock star</b> he had always dreamed of being and <b>conquer the US</b> by himself.<br><br>Not content with being one of the world's biggest popstars, Harry has also cultivated a career as a <b>film </b>and<b> television star</b>, featuring in box-office hits like <i>Dunkirk</i> as well as presenting <i>Saturday Night Live</i>. He's also making a name for himself as <b>fashion royalty</b> – presenting the fashion event of the year, the <b>Met Gala</b>, with Serena Williams and Lady Gaga and regularly modelling for iconic brand <b>Gucci</b>. He has even partnered with the meditation app Calm to record a story designed to help listeners drift off. <br><br>This is a book that gets you to the heart of <b>a very modern pop star</b> – a must read for all of Harry's fans.</p>
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