Arcanium's fun and games until someone takes it all away.

Neve's getting into the creepy, sexy spirit of demon hands in inappropriate places—claws, teeth and an incubus who agrees to just date for a while. Despite her initial trepidation, the dark circus of Arcanium is growing on her.

But Arcanium's a slice of heaven meant to be a hell, and a demon sneakier and more powerful than Bell Madoc slithers into the circus with his eye fixed on Neve for his own. When he tears everything away from Bell, leaving him weak in the wake, the entire cast and crew land in a new Arcanium with a new Master who has much darker intentions for its inhabitants.

A stadium with glass rooms for display… Leather and metal stained with blood… A horde of monsters who have been waiting for Arcanium to fall… And a red-skinned, black-hearted demon who lusts for his new pet's pleasure and pain…

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