Italian - Learn Italian for Travelers
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Traveling is an excellent opportunity for italian language learning  - this book will help you to do just that by giving you tools in italian for your trip.

It will be easier for you to learn italian by reading while traveling because:

- you will be in the cultural context of that new language, what works almost as a italian vocabulary builder
- you will enjoy more your voyage if you learn italian words by reading and communicating with local people in their own language

This italian to english dictionary and phrase book for travel will help you learn italian language because:

- it has all the main sentences and questions you will need in italian for everyone
- it is organized according to the main moments of your travel
- each phrase is in your language and in the language you want to learn, so you can use it to learn italian vocabulary as an italian quick study guide

This italian travel guide has 22 chapters with more than 400 words and english to italian phrases for all main situations of your travel:

CHAPTER 01- Frequently asked questions
CHAPTER 02 - How to greet people
CHAPTER 03 - Words of courtesy
CHAPTER 04 - At the airport
CHAPTER 05 - Information and directions
CHAPTER 06 - In the hotel
CHAPTER 07 - At the restaurant
CHAPTER 08 - Meat, fish and vegetables
CHAPTER 09 - Fruits
CHAPTER 10 - More food
CHAPTER 11 - Drinks
CHAPTER 12 - Money
CHAPTER 13 - Transportation
CHAPTER 14 - The train
CHAPTER 15 - In the subway
CHAPTER 16 - Car renting
CHAPTER 17 - Days and months
CHAPTER 18 - Time
CHAPTER 19 - Seasons
CHAPTER 20 - Colors
CHAPTER 21 - Love and relations
CHAPTER 22 - Help phrases

Use this italian phrasebook before and while traveling and you will learn italian step by step with our italian travel bilingual texts.

Let's start to learn italian quickly with our travel guide?
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