Italian Short Stories For Beginners (Vol 1)
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Do you understand this first Italian word? Yes, you do!
Because it was presented to you using a new technique that is making learning languages easier than ever – the Bilingual Reading.

We created this book using this technique so that you can learn learn Italian vocabulary in a fast and fun way and whenever you want.
How does this work? 

It is simple: Bilingual Reading works by reading two versions of the same book or text at once.
One version will be on the language you want to learn (here you will learn Italian words) and the other version will be in your native language or some other language you are comfortable with (here we will use English).
Using this method, you will quickly start to learn Italian from basics and learn Italian fast by accumulating vocabulary. This Italian English dual stories will help you step by step to read texts that are more complex without having to spend hours and hours looking for every word meaning on a dictionary and trying hard to memorize it, so you will learn learn Italian the fast and fun way!
In order to make simple the Italian language study, we made this book using Italian parallel texts, organized in 12 Italian short stories for beginners. It's a learn Italian workbook written using straightforward grammar to facilitate the work of all that want to learn Italian key words.

The simple Italian short stories for beginners we use makes this Italian dual language book a great tool to learn Italian for beginners of all ages. Using Italian translation, this book will increase your bilingual reading comprehension skills and maximize the time you invest in reading.
The book is organized for those who are looking how to learn Italian: you can start by reading each paragraph of each story in the two languages (in Italian to English parallel text), then move to read the full story in each language, rereading the Italian novels to consolidate the Italian fundamentals whenever is necessary.

Using this process you will feel the progress of becoming an Italian reader when moving from story to story and see your Italian vocabulary grow as your bilingual reading comprehension increases making you ready for more Italian edition books!

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