Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
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Heart-healthy recipes, filled with flavor and easy to prepare. 

The Mediterranean Diet has remained America's No 1 overall diet as recommended by top medical practitioners and health experts for the past few years. The Mediterranean Diet primarily encourages the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood and healthy oil.

This Mediterranean Diet Cookbook has been tailored to provide you with heart-healthy recipes, that will help in effective weight loss and management, control of type II diabetes, prevention of stroke, treatment of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease, improved physical agility, longevity of life and an overall optimal health.

A simple guide to starting out on the Mediterranean diet, this cookbook has been carefully sectioned into various chapters for easy access to 100 sumptuous and healthy recipes. Systematically written for quick understanding, each with its own nutritional information; This Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is the only guide you need to start eating and living healthy, the Mediterranean way.
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