Night Voices
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Roxy is the queen of sex advice—can she work her magic on the man who needs her the most?

Laurie Macari is no longer the hottest thing on radio. His phone-in programme, Late Night with Laurie, is falling in the ratings and he’s in danger of being shunted off to the graveyard shift. Dr Roxy Rose is the American sex therapist whose provocative advice and sultry voice are exactly what Laurie’s boss reckons is needed to spice up his show.

At first, Laurie resents Dr Roxy muscling in on his airtime, but sparks fly between them, on-air and off. The more time they spend in the cramped studio, the more Laurie comes to realise the sex life that can benefit most from Dr Roxy’s magic is his own. Together they play ever more kinky games, as bratty Roxy submits to Laurie’s dominant demands, but what will Roxy’s ultimate reward be on the night of the big radio awards ceremony?

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