No More Writer's Block! - Become a Prolific Writer (Unabridged)
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Lick procrastination and writer's block permanently, now. Based on years of creativity research and with its techniques tested at dozens of workshops, No More Writer's Block! demonstrates how to shed self-defeating judgments and get moving on any long-delayed project today. Whether you've put off work on your firm's annual report or the Great American Novel, this program gives you the gentle kick in the pants and practical tools you need. Learn about the five ingredients of discipline, the five ingredients of inspiration, and five exercises that help you do a lot of writing in a short amount of time. You'll become a prolific writer once you understand how to attune to your idiosyncratic creative preferences and after you have practical methods of getting writing done easily, quickly, anywhere. Author Marcia Yudkin has published 17 books, 10 multi-media courses and countless shorter reports and ebooks, not to mention articles in prestigious publications like the New York Times Magazine, Yankee Magazine, Business 2.0, Yoga Journal and TWA Ambassador.
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