Nova 3: Salt and Pepper - Erotic Short Story
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Nova’s search for truth and justice continues. Her old boss at the jewelry shop unexpectedly gets in touch, has he found a new clue? It turns out Hans just wants to show Nova his appreciation, and Nova's disappointment quickly turns into lust as her old fantasy about sleeping with her boss comes true. When she returns home she finds her apartment broken into, and Simon is standing outside the open door. Her apartment is turned upside-down and her computer has been stolen. Could it be the sexy Simon who broke in and stole her evidence?
This is the third installment of the series about Nova. Salt and Pepper is a short story of the genre erotic noir – suspense fiction with streaks of erotica. Emma Silver is an alias for an established Swedish author whose books have been translated into several languages. The author often writes about relationships, both in and out of the bedroom. The series about Nova is a new genre for Emma – erotic noir – in which she mixes erotica with a big dash of suspense.
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