What happens when you glimpse into the fourth dimension? You return forever changed as a mirror image.
Glimpsing into a parallel world through a science experiment gone wrong, the schoolteacher Gottfried Plattner returns after nine days in inverted form to tell the story of exactly what he saw in what can best be described as the ‘Other-World’.
The cult status Netflix show, Stranger Things, clearly found inspiration in the way Wells touch upon subjects like parallel worlds, encounters with anomalous semi-human creatures, life and afterlife, Wells’ story masterfully, but feebly lifts the veil between worlds to give the reader a sneak peak of what lies beyond. H. G. Wells was an English writer, remembered mostly for his science fiction works. Often described as a futurist, H. G. Wells’s influence cannot be neglected for his works foresaw many technological innovations such as space travel, the atomic bomb, and the Internet. Four times Nobel Prize in Literature nominee, Wells explored a wide array of themes in his works, occupying one of the central seats in the canon of British literature. Some of his best works include the time-travel novel ”The Time Machine”, the sci-fi adventure novel ”The Island of Dr. Moreau”, the mankind-versus-aliens novel ”The War of the Worlds” and more than seventy short stories.
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