The Rainbow and The Rose
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If you are one of those people who never give poetry a chance, this is your sign to try it.
This playful compilation of poetry by the famous children's book author contains countless relatable themes and useful thoughts. The poems revolve around many topics, especially motherhood, love, religion, upbringing, married life, nature, and death. Follow Nesbit’s journey as she tries to make sense of the world around her through an easy rhyming style.
In her poem ”Confessions,” she uncovers that her own flaws as a human might also reveal something about life itself. In another poem named ”Work,” she worries about the endless repetitions of daily tasks known to us all, but she finds comfort in the small things in life, something many of us should try! Born in Kennington in 1858, Edith Nesbit wrote and co-authored over 60 beloved adventures at the beginning of the 20th century. Among her most popular books are ”The Story of the Treasure-Seekers” (1899), ”The Phoenix and the Carpet” (1904), and ”The Railway Children” (1906). Many of her works became adapted to musicals, movies, and TV shows. Along with her husband Hubert Bland, she was among the first members of the Fabian society - a socialist debating club. A path in London close to her home was named ”Railway Children Walk” in her honor, manifesting her legacy as one of the pioneers within the children’s fantasy genre.
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