A Season in the Country

A Regency Novel

Elizabeth Hanbury is used to the excitement of London life, and so when her mother decrees that she is to spend the social season in the rural backwater of Ossington she is far from pleased. Dispatched by carriage to the home of her distant relatives Elizabeth believes that no fun can possibly be had in the countryside. Her arrival into the village coincides with that of a detachment of the King’s men, and her first encounter with the dashing Captain William Daventree.
But the discovery that she is to be married to her odious second cousin Richard is the catalyst for Elizabeth to seek any means possible to escape the forthcoming arrangement. With her new-found friend Charlotte, Elizabeth soon finds that the countryside is anything but dull. After a chance encounter with the dashing young officer the scene is set for a tale which will see Elizabeth pitted against the expectations of her class and the desires of her heart.
Will she marry Richard Ossington and fulfil the expectations of her class? Or will she be swept away by the excitement and adventure of the military man whose lure she finds so irresistible? 

About the Author

Liz Levoy is a bestselling author who has been writing romantic stories since her senior year in high school. Levoy is a truly passionate romance writer that loves to entice her avid readers, using her experience from her travels around the world.
Feelings of love, desire and chemistry dominate her books and the characters that she creates come alive, striving for love.
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