The shadows around Wallenberg
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Was Raoul Wallenberg actually a secret agent whose cover was rescuing Jews? What connections were there between Allied intelligence and the humanitarian actions during the war years 1943-1945? Raoul Wallenberg is one of the most famous Swedes internationally. In 1944 he travelled to Budapest with a mission to save the hungarian Jews. The following year, the Red Army took the city and Wallenberg was transferred to Moscow. The reason behind this abduction has puzzled researchers and the public ever since, and still today there is no answer. In The shadows around Wallenberg new facts are brought to light, that bring us one step closer to the solution of this riddle. Focusing on a broader chain of events and the shadow figures surrounding Wallenberg, the ties between secret intelligence and relief action in Hungary 1943-1945 – often based in Sweden – are investigated. Wilhelm Agrell presents a thrilling scenario where friend could be foe and loyalty wasn’t always granted. Wilhelm Agrell bases his depiction in recently declassified documents from american, British, German and Swedish intelligence archives.

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