Skydive - Erotic Short Story
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”Miguel laughs softly, puts his hands on my thighs and forces me to step off his feet. His touch feels like electricity on my skin.”
Tanishia has managed to get five weeks holiday from work. From Mexico, she calls her friend Victoria and tells her about her next big adventure. She is going to skydive, and she already knows who is going to be her instructor. The best, and the sexiest, instructor that the club has to offer—Miguel. When they meet, Tanishia realises that he is even hotter in person. How is she going to be able to skydive, feeling like this? Vanessa Salt is a pseudonym. Vanessa finds inspiration for the stories on her many travels, where hot exotic places nourish her erotic fantasies. She writes with humour about the passion that can arise when you least expect it.
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