Spanish (Easy Spanish) Learn Words With Images (Vol 11)
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Learn with this book that brings together the essential 400 Images and 400 Words, in bilingual text, about: Quarantine Coronavirus Virus Transmission Pandemic Medical Terms
This book uses the 2 best methods to learn Spanish quickly and easily:

- The Word and Picture method
- Bilingual reading

Learning Spanish vocabulary with this book is very simple:

- See the picture
- Read the name in Spanish
- Read the corresponding word in English

Each new image will help you memorize a word in the new language.
Just see the picture and learn a new word, then move on to the next picture and do the same thing.
Step by step, you will see that you begin to understand and memorize more and more words in Spanish!

Just see the picture and learn to say it in Spanish.

This is the easy way to learn Spanish!
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