The Spirit of Stage 13
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Evin thought the ghosts of old Hollywood were only a myth…until he stepped on to Stage 13, and discovered that even spirits need to be loved…

Struggling screenwriter Evin has had his latest pitch rejected and is in search of that elusive break when he strays on to Stage 13 at Monument Studios, the setting for a famously cursed film production of Macbeth, now only used for storing props. Certain he's not alone on the deserted stage, he finds himself in the presence of Jack, a hot young actor who died on the Macbeth set.

Jack believes he's destined to stay trapped within the stage set till he meets the man he's destined to spend the rest of his life with, and that the one thing he needs to do in death that he never did in life is experience mindblowing sex. Evin is only too happy to help Jack make his fantasies come true, falling hard for the spectre in the process, but can love really prove to be stronger than death?

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