Tamed in Tuscany
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The Rules of Summer

The retreat is her chance to learn something new, but instead it brings her old Master back into her life…

The retreat is a fresh start for me—at least, that’s what my boss tells me. I’m not enough of a team player for his liking, and this is my chance to learn all the soft skills I’ll need, get creative and do some networking. Time to relax, unwind and forget about everything in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Until Kelvin walks into the villa.

No one knows how to master me like Kelvin Lim. His touch, his words—they ignite something within me, and my submissive body yearns for him. But he walked away without a good reason eight years ago, and though I really thought I was over him, the sight of him tells me otherwise. Kelvin says we’re bound by the red thread of destiny and what joins us together can never break. He wants us to pick up where we left off, to play the kinkiest of games that will test my limits and tame my wild heart. But at the end of the retreat he’ll be going back to New York, leaving me behind for a second time. As much as I want him, can I risk the pain of bending to his will all over again?

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