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The Spare Room

The absolute must-have forced proximity, friends to lovers romantic comedy to read this year!

Description of book

'I mean it when I say: Laura Starkey has written the most perfect romcom' Suzy Krause, Sorry I Missed You

'Freaking PERFECTION. 10/10. I couldn't get enough of it and wanted a thousand more pages of this' Reader review, 5 stars

Two unexpected flatmates. One shared space. Will they cross the line into love?

Rosie had the perfect evening lined up: she'd come home early, slip into a sexy dress and surprise her boyfriend with date night. What she was not expecting was to find his bags packed and herself unceremoniously dumped.

But she can't even think about her heartbreak when she faces the more pressing matter of making rent this month. And in desperate times, she agrees to let out her spare room to her elusive upstairs neighbour.

Aled needs somewhere to stay while his place is being renovated, and she gets to keep her home. It's a win-win situation... At least in theory.

For Rosie has sworn off men indefinitely, and never saw herself living with one so soon after her breakup. But being in Aled's company day in, day out has this annoying habit of playing havoc with her heart...

On paper they're just flatmates, but could there be room for more between them?

The ultimate forced proximity, slow-burn romcom to get your hands on, for fans of Beth O'Leary, Portia MacIntosh and Mhairi McFarlane.

Authors and Readers are loving The Spare Room:

'If this book isn't on your MUST READ WHEN IT COMES OUT then it needs to be.... Seriously, you won't be disappointed. It gave me all the feels.' Reader review, 5 stars

'I LOVED THIS BOOK! I struggled to put it down. It was absolutely addictive... loved the characters and everything about it' Reader review, 5 stars

'An absolutely gorgeous story - I now have a massive book hangover. I loved it' Jules Wake, The Spark