Buchcover für The Attraction Distraction

The Attraction Distraction


There is nothing Sarah Novak loves more than a literary adventure. When the director of the Museum of Literature sends her to an uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea to look for a rare artifact from Ancient Greece, as an expert on the Classics, she's all in. There's only one problem: nine other scholars are also on the hunt for the artifact, one of whom is Irishman Liam Maguire, Sarah's ex and the man she beat out for the curator position at the museum seven years ago. Liam wants to form an alliance, but Sarah refuses. He broke her heart once before; she's not giving him the chance to do it again. When a series of mysterious accidents befall the scholars one by one, Sarah is forced to rethink her position on her sworn enemy, particularly when Liam saves her life. She agrees to team up with the swoony Irishman, knowing full well that finding the treasure will likely cost her heart.