Two secret societies, fighting for control of a technology that could alter the fate of the world.
An assassin, bound to protect knowledge left long ago by visitors from another galaxy.
And a woman, caught in the crossfire...

For Rachel, being an Order agent is no bed of roses. Instead of excitement, her life consisted of boredom, depression, and unimaginable loss. But then Darius hands her a mission, which will push her boundaries of what is possible. But it raises the question, how can she ever come to grips with her new life and the dangers she faces in the Order with Adam?

For Adam, he never meant to put Rachel in harm's way. Instead of following procedure and protocol, he's managed to land them both in a heap of trouble. But when Antipolemarchos Valis hands him a promotion, his life of danger and intrigue may be drawing to an end. But it raises the question, will he be able to see it through, or will their visit to Istanbul be their downfall?

With the Org. closing in, a possible mole within the Order, and a dangerous new weapon capable of destroying whole cities, will Rachel and Adam's relationship flourish, or will calamity swallow them whole?
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