Cleaning the List
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Are you looking to segment the list of your high-value customers?

Do you want to clean your database and just keep your best buyers by products?


Do you want to filter your potential consumers by categories?

"Cleaning the List" is the best alternative to learn those tricks and how to discover those customers that will make you money in minutes.

In this book you will find: Uncovering High-Value Customers Deadbeat Subscribers Using Segmentation Features Maximizing Response Rates Boosting Profits With Follow-Ups Etc...

List segmentation is a marketing technique that segments (or divides) your list of subscribers, depending on any number of conditions and allows you to send the right people the most relevant content at the ideal time. Here you will know how.

With this mini-guide you will be ready to clean your customer lists and make money, having continuity in your business. With this book, you will save the money you need.

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