Doctor Dolittle - The Trilogy
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Hugh Lofting was an English writer, born on the 14th of January 1886. He is the creator of the famous character of Doctor Dolittle, a classic children's literature hero.

The stories told in the Doctor Dolittle's novels take place in the Victorian era, and tell the story of a physician who can speak to animals and who prefers to treat them more than to treat humans.

The first novel, The Story of Doctor Dolittle, won the famous Lewis Carroll Shelf Award 38 years after its publication. The illustrations of the book are made by none other than the writer himself.

The second novel, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, was published in 1922, two years after the first book, and is five times longer. It is destined to a more mature audience, and the illustrations and story structure are more complicated and sophisticated. Parts of this novel were adapted in the movie Doctor Dolittle, starring Eddie Murphy.

The third novel, Doctor Dolittle's Post Office, is set in Africa and follows the same episodic structure as the first two books.

What will happen to Doctor Dolittle during his adventures and voyages ?

You'll discover it in this fascinating trilogy.
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