Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership
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Develop the critical soft skills required for high-performance sales…

Chronic complainers, no accountability finger-pointers, or learning-resistant laggards—these culture-killers costs sales organizations more in productivity than being weak in the so-called hard skills of selling. Learn how emotional intelligence and the development of these critical soft skills improve sales leadership effectiveness and outperforms doubling down on more sales technology tools and fads.

The missing link is in hiring for and developing emotional intelligence skills in sellers and sales leaders. Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership will connect with anyone charged with growing sales in business-to-business or business-to-consumer sales.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership:

Shows sales leaders why ‘real world’ empathy and emotion management are the key to building strong relationships with their sales team.  Offers simple steps on how sales leaders create sales cultures that embrace feedback and change through the development of critical emotional intelligence skills.Provides guidance on how to identify key emotional intelligence skills needed in your hiring process to build resilient sales teams.Walks listeners through the process of training sales teams on soft skills that ensure the consistent execution of the right selling behaviors.

Accompanying figures and charts are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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