Flower Fables and Hospital Sketches
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This compilation contains two books : Flower Fables, and Hospital Sketches.

Flower Fables is a collection of fanciful stories written by Louisa May Alcott for Ralph Waldo Emerson's daughter, Ella Emerson.

It was Alcott's first published work, released December 9, 1854, earning Alcott $35 from the Boston publisher, George Briggs (equivalent to about $1,035 today). This book helped launch her writing career.

Hospital Sketches :

In the words of Louisa May Alcott herself : "These sketches taken from letters hastily written in the leisure moments of a very busy life make no pretension to literary merit, but are simply a brief record of one person's hospital experience. As such they are republished, with their many faults but partially amended lest in retouching they should lose whatever force or freshness the inspiration of the time may have given them."

This compilation will please every lover of classic literature.
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