I Kiss Cold Glass
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"I Kiss Cold Glass is a timeless treasure: unputdownable and unforgettable." Reader's review.
"Beautiful, full of loving wisdom." Reader's review
"It's a long time since an anthology took me through such a range of emotions from sadness to melancholy to joy to name just a few. There were tears on my cheeks." Reader's review
"Lyrical, poignant, funny, yearning, nostalgic, passionate, sensual and sensuous, this collection of poems, written by different generations of women from the same family, expresses and evokes all these emotions. Life and love are described here with heartfelt sincerity and honesty. Several of the poems made me feel, "Yes, I know how that feels, that's exactly how it is!" Reader's review.
"This book is as important in concept as it is in the depth of the emotions it conveys. Describing the joys and travails of three generations of women, its poetry speaks not only for past generations and their children but also for those yet to come." Reader's review.
This anthology of poetry, reflects the emotions, thoughts, loves, sadnesses, fears and experiences that have been the destiny of women throughout history. Composed over 92 years by three generations of women in the same family, it is a treasury of beautiful language and deep thought.
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