Meditation for Beginners: 2 Audiobooks in 1 - A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to the Health Benefits of Meditation and Sleep Meditation to Reduce Anxiety and Stress and Relax Your Mind in a Chaotic World
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Meditation has been practiced for centuries by many people to help them relax, sleep well, de-stress and lower anxiety levels.
Nowadays meditation has been seen as something that can help with issues like stress and anxiety, or simply to calm and relax the mind in a hectic world.
Are you interested in learning the art of meditation?
Would you like an audiobook that helps you to understand the basics and build a solid platform to then expand your knowledge?
Are you ready to get started?
This audiobook will teach you:
• The basics of stress and anxiety, what they are, how they come about and more
• What meditation is and how it works
• How meditation is practiced in different backgrounds, including Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, Sikhism and Jainism.
• The place of concentration in meditation, including how concentration is achieved in meditation
• The ins and outs of stress and anxiety, including the symptoms, how to deal with stress and find the right motivation to reduce anxiety
• How to practice mindfulness to beat stress and anxiety
• How to use meditation to beat insomnia and sleep better in simple steps
• How breathing is important in meditation and yoga
• How you can benefit from meditation and mindfulness
• How you can treat insomnia with meditation
…And much more!
Even if you’ve been worrying that you have a “bigger” underlying problem that could be making you sleep less, get stressed, lose focus, become unhappy, unproductive and anxious, then you haven’t tried this audiobook because it will teach you how exactly you can end your suffering, for good!
What’s more, it’s so simple to follow that you can expect to see the benefits as soon as tonight!
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