No fighter pilot ever flies a mission solo, and neither should you. To reach your highest potential in business and life, you can’t do it alone.
Regardless if you are in the cockpit of an F-16 or at the office, the need for courage, commitment, and mutual support is more critical than ever. In NEVER FLY SOLO (McGraw-Hill), former combat decorated fighter pilot and Hall of Fame speaker Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman shares business critical concepts for success and delivers a very human message: We all have “missiles in life” to overcome and we can’t do it alone.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, seasoned executive or simply looking to enhance your leadership skills and relationships, you’ll learn to:
• Recommit to the core business values of integrity, accountability, and service before self.
• Communicate effectively under high stress conditions at work.
• Build and leverage mission critical wingman relationships with key supervisors, co‐workers, family members and friends
• Identify courage building techniques to take action when the missiles of adversity are launched.
Waldo’s stories are inspiring, humorous and told with a surprising candor that bucks the typical Hollywood fighter pilot image. Never Fly Solo delivers a positive, heart‐felt message that draws a perfect parallel between military experience and building meaningful business relationships.
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