Paging Dr. Within
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As a Patient - Would you like a "Patient Listener"? Are you tired of Medicine/Treatment "Trial and Error", at your expense? Are you tired of being shuffled from one Doctor to another? Do you want to "get better" and "stay better"? As a Doctor – Would you like more good information from Patients, relevant to their symptoms? Would you like to help Patients "get better" and "stay better"? Are you open to venturing out of your "comfort zone" in diagnosing and treating patients? Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to diagnosing/treating than what you were taught in Medical School? As a Health/Medical Innovator, Inventor, Engineer, Writer, other Creative Person – Are you looking for some new ideas? Would you like to "Interface" with the "Dr. Within" each of us? As an Insurance Company - Would you like to "pay out" less? If you answered yes to any of the above, maybe this book is for you.

This book describes the Concepts of a "Patient Listener" and a "Super Symptom Checker" – Human, Computer, and/or Computer-Assisted Human – Considering the "Big Picture" around Health and/or Symptoms.

This book is about 250 pages, a little over half written text. The remainder contains many Reference Links, from which you can build upon and learn from.

The author of this book has set up Discussion Groups for this book to help others share, network, collaborate, etc.

Use of the Information in this book may help the Patient, Doctor, and/or Others "Get Better".
Some common Side Effects may include: A better understanding of what affects Health and Symptoms, Seeing the big picture surrounding Symptoms, Better health, less dependence on medication/treatment, generally "feeling better", Experiencing less perceived stress, more contentment with self and life, Perceiving more control of your life, in general, realizing there are always options no matter what, New insights on what could be done to make "it" better. Note - Continued Use of the Information in this book may result in "Staying Better".
Ask your Doctor if "Getting Better" and "Staying Better" are right for you. :-)
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