The Deluge
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The Deluge is a literary masterpiece that sweeps across the plains and forests of Poland, Lithuania and Prussia in an epic tale of treasons, faith, selfishness, sacrifice and heroic valor, set against the bloody background of the Swedish invasion of 1655-1657, in an uncanny parallel to the events of our own decade, when an exploited and exhausted Poland threw off the yoke of foreign domination, reacquired its freedom, and opened the doors to liberty in East and Central Europe. Told by a master storyteller who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1905, this scorching tale of battles, passions, and intrigues is the structural and thematic heart of the Trilogy, Poland’s most enduring and popular prose epic. Like the other two books of the Sienkiewicz Polish Trilogy, The Deluge not only depicts vital historical events but mirrors a people’s soul. It is a masterful blend of history and imagination that shows whole nations as well as individuals caught up in earthshaking events and fighting for their lives and rediscovering themselves through their own commitments.
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