The PILOT Method: The 5 Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life!
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Becoming a Black Hawk helicopter pilot wasn't easy, and from that experience came the realization that pilots- rotary or fixed wing, military or civilian, have a different thought process. The rigors of flight training and the heightened state of awareness during flight changes who they are.
What makes pilots different? Why are they revered as an industry and looked up to by children with awestruck eyes? And how can the lessons learned as pilots translate into personal leadership and high level performance?
The P.I.L.O.T. Method breaks down the 5 elemental truths to being a better leader of yourself through the experiences of pilots.
P- Potential: You have potential, are you confident in that potential, and how to boost it.

I- Implementation: What are you doing with your potential, and how to get more out of it.
L- Leadership: The three pillars of leadership based on aviation principles and how they apply to you.
O- Optimize: Are you living your best life? Learn how you CAN be more, do more, and live more.
T- Tenacity: Never give up. How to find that toughness within you.
Through Elizabeth McCormick’s stories and those of her pilot friends, you’ll learn how to FLY- First Lead Yourself.
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