The Vegan Airfryer Cookbook: Healthy Recipes From Your Air Frying Lid
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The Removable Crisp Lid is an airfrying lid. It is phenomenal! It is an add-on revolutionary kitchen equipment that makes it possible to air fry, grill, broil, or bake your foods with a pressure cooker. With it you can enjoy crispy and healthy vegan foods at any time of the day.
This Lid has simplified the air frying experience. It is now easier to cook healthy plant-based foods that suits your vegan lifestyle. Whether you enjoy French fries, chips or breaded veggies, the result is crispy. It is a healthier way to cook, with little or no oil and produces very crispy meals. Enjoy a fast and convenient way of cooking.  Have the pleasure of saving money and space by using your Crisp Removable Lid.

This book is a rich collection of healthy air fried vegan recipes. There are several quick-and-easy breakfasts, main meals, side dishes, appetizers, snacks and desserts. Use the recipes in this cookbook to add to the ones you are given upon purchase. They are vegan meals that you won’t readily find in the recipe booklet. This cookbook contain some new dishes that will add to your culinary adventure. They come with new and exciting blend or flavors that will please your palate. This Lid makes air frying so much easier and you definitely will love it. 

And what more, you have the opportunity to enjoy these foods endlessly without worrying about weight gain or heart problems. 

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