Work Your Money, Not Your Life
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If you’re dissatisfied with your job, your finances, or your overall station in life, you aren’t alone. The majority of young professionals report experiencing stress over money and career worries and feeling that they aren’t on the right path. It can be difficult to untangle the work stuff, the money stuff, and the personal stuff because it’s all inextricably linked. That’s the message of Work Your Money, Not Your Life?an all-in-one guide to figuring it out and getting where you want to be. In this book, award-winning Certified Financial Planner and Google strategist Roger Ma offers secrets to career satisfaction, a secure financial life, and personal happiness all in one place. And the one idea underneath it all is this: money affects every part of our lives. Simply by sorting out your personal finances (and it isn’t as bad as it sounds!), you can build a foundation from which you’ll be able to find the right career path, visualize your desired lifestyle, and turn your dreams into realities. When the life you’re living and the life you want to live don't match up, everything feels off balance. Where do you begin trying to connect the dots? Start with this book. The accessible, practical advice will teach you the career and financial strategies you’ll need to get where you’re going.
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