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A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty

Description of book

In a world darkened by deceit, the truth is a light that won’t be dimmed—even when it illuminates Lorian’s betrayals more starkly than I could ever want to see. They call him the Bloodthirsty Prince. His reign of terror has left a trail of blood across this continent, a trail that intertwines with my own past—not even my parents were spared from his merciless slaughter. To save my brother’s life, I agreed to another bargain with the fae prince. Now, I’m forced to work with him, to travel to the fae lands, to spend my every waking moment with the man who betrayed me. All because King Sabium has woven a deadly tapestry of manipulation, using those we least suspect for his wicked schemes. There are no lines I won’t cross to protect the people I love. So I’ll work with former enemies. I’ll manipulate, blackmail, and deceive potential allies. I’ll swallow my pride, bury my shattered heart, and cooperate with the fae to prepare for the coming war. Because there are creatures far more monstrous than the fae—and some of them masquerade as men. Book two of this slow-burn enemies-to-lovers series will enchant fans of fantasy romance who love Raven Kennedy, Amanda Bouchet, and Carissa Broadbent.