The Beginner's Bible: I Can Read Old Testament Collection 1
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This audiobook bundle includes four Old Testament stories from The Beginner’s Bible:

The Beginner’s Bible Adam and Eve in the Garden

In the beginning, the world is perfect. Everyone is happy. But then a bad thing happens. Will it stay this way forever?

The Beginner’s Bible Noah and the Ark

God saves Noah, because Noah has faith. No matter how big or scary your problems are, God protects those who love him.

The Beginner’s Bible Baby Moses and the Princess

Mom must give up Miriam’s baby brother, Moses. She puts him in a basket on the river. But Miriam is worried. Will anyone discover him?

The Beginner’s Bible Moses and the King

God wants Moses to save his people from slavery. But Moses is afraid. How can he convince the king to let the slaves go?
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