The Beginner's Bible: I Can Read Old Testament Collection 2
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This audiobook bundle includes five Old Testament titles from The Beginner’s Bible: 

The Beginner’s Bible Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph’s older brothers are angry with him, so they sell him as a slave. But many years later, Joseph is the king’s assistant. Now his brothers need his help. Will Joseph forgive them?

The Beginner’s Bible David and the Giant

When David steps up to fight the giant Goliath, no one thinks he will win. But David has God on his side. And if God is there for this young shepherd boy—who will one day be the great King David—who could be against him?

The Beginner’s Bible Queen Esther Helps God’s People

Queen Esther has a problem. The king’s helper says God’s people are bad. They are in danger. How will Queen Esther save them?

The Beginner’s Bible Daniel and the Lions

When Daniel stands up for his faith, he finds himself thrown into a den of lions. In the face of danger, will Daniel trust God to protect him from the lions?

The Beginner’s Bible Jonah and the Big Fish

When God asks Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh, far from his home, Jonah has other ideas. After running away from God, Jonah finds himself in the belly of a big fish. Will Jonah have a change of heart and decide to trust God?
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