The Book of Eve
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The Book of Eve is neither male nor female, rather a poetic revelation of one's exploration of life. A quest for knowledge, wisdom, truths and understanding, Eve takes us on a heartfelt journey of discoveries, fears, needs and desires. Melanie E. Haggins is a poet, a creative writer and former radio personality. She is strongly influenced by a musical and business background, which later helped her to progress into the world of media as the host of her own popular radio magazine show, where she conducted celebrity interviews with musicians and vocalists alike. An inspirational figure to young people and women of all ages, Melanie has worked for many years as a passionate educator and mentor to young people within her community, championing a number of initiatives on behalf of young people and human rights. With a keen eye for innovation, she draws inspiration from all she encounters for the purpose of improving the lives of those who come into contact with her as she continues to put her visionary ideas and quests for truths into poetic forms.
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