The Coalman the Dragon and the Buddha
Nicks Costello takes the reader with him from his hard-working roots in the Liberties of Dublin on a search for enlightenment that took him half way around the world to Hong Kong. There he discovered the human face of the Buddha in the friendliness and compassion of everyday people who were quietly and unobtrusively practising ancient eastern traditions of spirit, mind and body,cultivating a connection to the soul of the universe that exists in all of us and giving freely of their knowledge to all who ask so that the healing benefits can be experienced by everyone. This poignant, often funny – always honest story is told by Nick in his own words. It pulls no punches and is written as a raw truth from the heart. It resonates at the highest level with the 'chi' or universal love that resides in everyone. All the profits from this book will go to Nicks own charity foundation and will be shared with the following charities located in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters), suicide prevention and bereavement support & The Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre
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