Dark Psychology Secrets: Step by Step Guide to Reading and Analyzing People Using Mind Control and Persuasion
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Have you ever felt that you have been manipulated or used by your friends, colleagues, or family? Have you ever been curious as to how some people seem to influence and persuade others without even trying? Or perhaps you want to explore the various persuasion and manipulation techniques so you can influence others and gain power?
If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.
Dark psychology is going to be any type of deviant or criminal behaviors that are committed against others, usually innocent victims. The one using dark psychology is going to prey on someone who they see as weaker or vulnerable. This doesn’t mean they are actually weak, but they can be easily influenced or easily read for the benefit of the manipulator.
In this guide, you will learn:
What is dark psychology
Unmasking the dark persuader
Manipulation secrets and tricks
Brainwashing techniques
The art of hypnosis
Methods to identify manipulation and avoid being a victim
Deception tactics
Powerful mind control techniques to be aware of
Persuasion techniques that are easy to apply
And much more....
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