Doctor Lucas - Erotic Short Story
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”Just twenty-odd centimetres from her face, his cock was twitching inside his doctor's trousers, and there was something dreamy about the whole situation, yet extremely real and vivid at the same time. Ultra-real. Their standard roles had vanished. A fundamental, invisible boundary had been passed, and now everything seemed to unfold by itself. She didn't even have to think anymore.”
Sofia finds herself back at the GP surgery; the pain in her stomach is back and won't budge. But when she is sitting opposite Doctor Lucas, she realises that the pain is a small price to pay when she gets to sit there and admire his muscular forearms and soft lips. They, yet again, conclude that Sofia is perfectly fit and healthy, so what is the problem? When their eyes meet, the pain transforms into something hot inside, and burning desire consumes her whole being. Will Lucas be able to cure her?
Alexandra Södergran is a Swedish, anonymous author of short stories. In exciting, innovative ways her manuscripts tackle subjects that are often taboo. She specialises in erotica, and her approach tends to both surprise and entertain the reader.
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