Forbidden Places: The Bus Driver
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”I push my bum backwards, helping his finger enter me. My entire pussy – and ass – is one blazing hot inferno which simply craves him. I feel my pulse throbbing in my thighs and my calves. I giggle and sigh.
”Answer me,” Emeka commands, as his finger starts to move back and forth. Oh! It feels wonderful. If only I could feel his cock as well.”
A dull Economics student, who always behaves decently and focuses on her studies, suddenly finds herself feeling very adventurous and aroused by the sexy bus driver. How is she going to seduce him?
This is an exciting erotic short story, which challenges the boundaries of sexual space.
Vanessa Salt is a pseudonym. Vanessa finds inspiration for the stories on her many travels, where hot exotic places nourish her erotic fantasies. She writes with humour about the passion that can arise when you least expect it.
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