The God of Fire: Ancient Vedic Secrets to Wealth, Love, Happiness and Enlightenment
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Many times our search for deeper understanding of the Bible leads to questions beyond the Bible itself. As we encounter references to social conditions, cultural practices, and even other writings mentioned within the scriptures we are called to investigate and expand our knowledge in order to fully appreciate the context, knowledge base, and cultural significance of what is being taught. Canonical Gospels quote other books not contained in the Bible. The Bible warns against heretical teachings without explaining what they are. Without insight into the books being quoted or the heretical teachings being sighted, the quotes and the reproofs mean nothing. Thus, to fully understand the Bible and the faith we are necessarily drawn to sources outside the Bible. These sources add to the historical, social, or theological understanding of Biblical and its people. In that time when the faith and doctrine of modern Judaism and Christianity were being forged, these books were being read and believed.
Contained in this single volume are the following texts:
Section One: Lost Scriptures of the Old Testament
Section Two: Apocalyptic Writings and the End of Days
Apocalypse of Abraham
Apocalypse of Thomas
4 Ezra
2 Baruch
Section Three: Lost Scriptures of the New Testament
Gospel of Philip
Gospel of Mary Magdalene
Apocryphon of John
Gospel of Thomas
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