Two secret societies, fighting for control of a technology that could alter the fate of the world.
An assassin, bound to protect knowledge left long ago by visitors from another galaxy.
And a woman, caught in the crossfire...

From the first time he meets Rachel, Adam Black can't help being attracted. But he knows the athletic redhead is off-limits. She's a civilian, and he... isn't. He guards secrets with deadly consequences, and letting Rachel into his life would destroy hers. Keeping her at a distance is the only way to protect her, but despite his best efforts, their attraction grows.

From the first time she meets Adam, Rachel Flanagan knows she's in trouble. Arrogant, cocky, and mysterious, the extreme sports instructor both annoys and fascinates her. She realizes she should stay away from him, and yet she keeps coming back for more. Though she's always had rotten luck with bad boys, maybe this time will be different.

If she'd known that finally giving in to their mutual desire would throw her in the middle of a nightmare, she might never have signed up for his class. Now, with killers from Adam's past hot on their heels and no time for explanations, Rachel needs to decide who she can trust before it's too late.
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