'Jesus the Troublemaker' is an immersive account of the dramatic last week of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, or rather Yeshua Ish-Natzaret. He was a Galilean Jew who spoke Aramaic with a northern accent. Full of dramatic incidents and confrontational dialogues, the book uncovers many events behind the bare record of the Gospels of Mark, Luke and John.
For example, why did Yeshua arrive late at the Temple for his triumphal entry? Because he had just walked 18 miles uphill from Jericho!
Why were the chief priests so hostile to Yeshua? Because his clearing the traders out of the Temple was not a one-off demonstration, it was a four day occupation!
Why are there different accounts of the first Easter Day? This is solved by the simple question, Where was Simon Peter?
Sister Hilda Mary wrote, ”Well! Holy Week has come alive in a new way and will never be the same again. The book has finally removed set images and confusions stuck in my mind from so many years and something much more vibrant and alive has replaced them.”
Premier Christianity wrote: ”The main section of the book is a narrative account of Jesus’ last eight days, written as fiction but still faithful to the Gospel accounts …. If Andy Roland’s desire is to bring the story of Jesus alive to a new audience and answer questions about the cultural context, the book succeeds.”
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