The Liberated Dowager Countess - Erotic Short Story
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The Dowager Duchess, Anna von Silfverhuus, spent years being married to a husband who had long since lost interest in her. Now he was dead, and she was about to leave her old life behind and start anew. She soon sold the Mangeby Castle where they had been living together. Anna set out to conquer Stockholm, both its cultural attractions and its men. The city was home to a vast number of men who would line up to court a beautiful and wealthy woman like her. She was not a patient woman, and now it was time for her to experience everything that had been denied her... Will she succeed in conquering her lost love? Or will she encounter other lovers? Behind the pseudonym, Britta Bocker is an author who enjoys letting their short stories take place in bygone eras. In a time with strict boundaries between the various tiers of society, and where men are always in charge, both power struggles and erotic tension arise.
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