Manipulation: 99+ Strategies to Mind Control, Influence, and Manipulate People
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Do you know what the laws of power are? Do you know how you can use mind control to achieve what you want in life?
If so, then this guide is for you. Manipulation can be good and can be bad depending on how you use it. Let’s face it; you want to learn how to read people, so you can find the right way and right technique to influence them to achieve what you want.
In this guide, you will learn:
The art of reading people
Why you should never admit using manipulation
How to overcome trust issues
How to induce a feeling of overpowering guilt
Hide criticism as altruism
The bribery strategy
Creating a scarcity mindset
How to brainwash people so they do what you want
How to lead with the end in mind
Creating your manipulation map
How to recognize a manipulative person
And so much more....
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