Silver Pitchers: and Independence, a Centennial Love Story
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This book is a collection of short love stories by Louisa May Alcott, famous author of Little Women.

Included in this volume are:

”Silver Pitchers," the story of thee popular girls who take a stand against drinking by forming a temperance club;
"Anna's Whim,"a love story;
"Transcendental Wild Oats," the satire of her father's utopian experiment;
"The Romance of a Summer's Day," the romance of a young lady seeking independence;
" My Rococco Watch," an account of desire gone humorously wrong;
"By The River: A Legend of the Assabet," a charming and fatalistic tale of a young poet;
"Letty's Tramp," another charming tale of friendship and love;
"Scarlet Stockings," a Civil War romance;
and "Independence: A Centennial Love Story,".

Alcott wrote the stories in 1875, the Centennial year of American Revolution's beginning, and have a strong theme of independence within romantic love. 

This edition will please all amateurs of love stories, romance, and classic literature. 
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