”A Simple Soul" is a not so simple story about a French maid, who experiences the vicissitudes of life to its full extent. A story that serves as the inspiration behind Julian Barnes’ "Flaubert’s Parrot", the book excels in a perfect mixture of realism and psychological insights. Flaubert constructed a totally different protagonist compared to his earlier novels, teeming with corrupt and vile characters. The attention to detail, picturesque descriptions, and the loving attitude of Félicité makes this story a perfect read for any fan of beautiful prose and selfless acts of love and kindness. Gustave Flaubert has earned his rightful place among the greatest French and Western writers. His literary career is famous for extraordinary style, exact dictum, and remarkable proportions of the depicted situations. Gently navigating the delicate line between romanticism and realism, Flaubert’s influence is undeniable. His best known works include the scandalous and overtly realistic "Madam Bovary", the historical novel "Salammbo" and the painting-inspired "The Temptation of Saint Anthony".
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