Strip Poker - Erotic Short Story
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”She felt three sets of eyes following her every move, but this was quite unlike how it had started a couple of minutes ago. Now they wanted to watch, she mesmerised them and this gave her a sort of intoxicated high. Forbidden, taboo, yet she was doing it. Because she was daring enough, because she was alive and determined to grasp life with both hands.”
Louise, Camilla, David and Charlie are drinking wine and playing cards. They quickly decide to step things up a notch and have a game of strip poker. Louise has known for a long time that she wants David. If nothing else, she at least wants to shag him. But Charlie, every girl's wet dream apart from Louise, wanted her. Now they are all sitting there half-dressed and anything can happen.... Is this the night where they will all have their sexual desires and fantasies fulfilled? Alexandra Södergran is a Swedish, anonymous author of short stories. In exciting, innovative ways her stories tackle subjects that are often taboo. She specialises in erotica, and her approach often both surprises and entertains the reader.
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