Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia
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Mothman. Sheepsquatch. The Flatwoods Monster. A vegetable man with psychic powers. Unexplained creatures---some of the most bizarre ever witnessed---lurk in the forested hills and dark hollows of the Mountain State.
A haunted and abandoned amusement park sits atop an ancient burial ground. A mysterious tribe of ”moon-eyed” people were annihilated long ago and haunt the land. A Shawnee chief was gunned down in cold blood by an angry mob at Fort Randolph possibly setting a lengthy curse into motion. Hundreds of burial mounds--many containing the remains of giants--have been obliterated. A sprawling decommissioned insane asylum with more than one hundred years of patient abuse looms in the background of a small town. West Virginia is shrouded in a dark past.
Join Denver Michaels as he explores West Virginia and its mysteries. From ghosts to UFO sightings; Bigfoot reports to out-of-place kangaroos and devil monkeys bouncing along; supernatural entities to folklore and urban legends--no stone will be left unturned. Both ancient and modern history, cryptozoology, ufology, and more come together in the quest to understand the abundance of paranormal activity that takes place in West Virginia.
”Books of this nature are rare and Denver Michaels' volume stands as one of the best-written examinations of the inexplicable.” --Grady Harp, Author and reviewer
”A roller coaster of information.” --Andreas Michaelides, Author and reviewer
”A must read for anyone interested in ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained happenings.” --Valery, Goodreads reviewer
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