Beasts walking in the clouds
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At this time Du Xiaoyu suddenly sat up, looking at the lying on the ground Lin Feng, seriously said: "Lin Feng, thank you that day saved my life." "
Lin Feng gently waved his hand, said: "You do not have to take care of your heart, I promised your uncle to take good care of you, because I owe him a person." "Lin Feng smashed his mouth, but he bought those wine has been lost in the battle, otherwise now you can be happy to drink a few glasses."
Du Xiaoyu clenched his fist and said firmly, "You saved my life anyway." From today on, you are my brother. "
"Brother? Lin Feng gently repeated, and did not say anything more. In Lin Feng's heart appeared a tall juvenile figure, in the young man's face is always hung a bad smile.
Lin Feng hasn't seen him since that night.
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