Just William - Home for the Holidays (Unabridged)
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The thoughts of schoolboy William Brown; "That actor bloke Martin Jarvis has helped me rekord this audio. He thinks he can tork like me, but he can't. I sound better. So pay no attenshun to him. Jus' listen to me tellin' you 'bout the most important things in life!" LISTINGS: 1. My Summer Holiday 2. What's Wrong with Civilizashun, 3. The Job I'd Like Best 4. Commonsense About Holidays, 5. School is a Waste of Time 6. My Day in London 7. Something Like a Change 8. I'll Tell You What's Wrong with Christmas 9. Home for the Holidays 10. William's Christmas Presents 11. Christmas Day with William 12. New Year's Day
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